Disadvantages Of Spaying A Female Dog

Disadvantages of spaying a female dog

Disadvantages Of Spaying A Female Dog

Have you ever considered the health risks and problems associated with spaying a female dog? I believe a lot of people would suggest you to let your dog go under the knife straight away, they would tell you about all the benefits, and it surely have its benefits but it has its own complications. Without taking any further time, lets go straight towards the disadvantages of spaying.

Disadvantages Of Spaying A Female Dog Explained

  • Spaying your female dog can DOUBLE the risk of obesity. Weight gain can lead to diseases like diabetes, arthritis and even pancreatitis. Spayed dogs become obese after eating the same amount of food before getting spayed, basically it changes the hormonal balance of the body and metabolism. So, after getting spayed your dog doesn’t need as much food as in the earlier days.
  • Spaying a female dog ups the risk of life threatening cancer known as hemangiosarcoma. This cancer usually attacks the heart and neutering your male dog would also result in similar chances.
  • Spaying a female dog can increase the risk of Hypothyroidism THREE times. Removing the genitals upset the endocrine system and the thyroid levels decrease in a result. Moreover, Hypothyroidism is directly related to chronic obesity in dogs and hair loss.
  • Spaying a female dog requires vets to use anesthesia, and in most of the cases it results in complications such as internal bleeding, infections and inflammations. Spaying is a major surgery and it can even cause death, though the death rate is very low, around 1 percent.
  • Spaying a female dog at WRONG AGE magnifies the risk of hip dysplasia and bone cancer. It even results in ligament rupture. The bone structure and its development depends on the hormones, and removing them results in improper bones and joint development.
  • Spaying a female dog at a very early age TRIPLES the risk of bone cancer.
  • Spaying a female dog at a very early age can affect the shape and size of the private parts.

In the previous post I discussed the advantages of spaying your female dog, now that you have all the knowledge at your disposal, now is the time to make the decision, but always remember to consult your vet in the first place.



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