Cost Of Dog Obedience Training

cost of dog obedience training

Cost Of Dog Obedience Training

Cost of dog obedience training is one of those things pet owners are really interested in. Especially those ones who have either a busy schedule or simply can’t handle a dog. Dog obedience training cost varies depending upon the type. Group sessions are less expensive as compared to private sessions with seasoned professional trainers. A lot of pet owners regularly ask what kind of services they will get in return after spending money on dog obedience training.

Real Cost Of Dog Obedience Training – Stats

Cost of obedience training also differs as per the area and location. Moreover the local community centers , pet stores and dog day care centers also offer group sessions that usually cost somewhere around $60 to $120 for a 1-2 months one hour per days sessions. If you have a puppy then it would cost a bit less as compared to a grown up adult dog.

cost of dog obedience trainingOn the other hand, private classes are way too much expensive in comparison to group sessions, costing around $35 to $100 per hour, a total of $210 to $600 dollars for 6 private sessions. These stats have been compiled after a comprehensive study. Another type of dog obedience training is conducted by kennel schools that charge $1000 to $2500 for several hours private sessions for half month to full month training. You may to pay additional money to buy some extra stuff like dog aids, treats and noisemakers that could cost an extra $40.

How Much Does Dog Obedience Training Cost

If your dog has certain behavioral issues, it may cost you even $90 to $100 per hour. Thebest way to avoid such situation is to start training your dog very early in their life. Speaking of early days, puppy training classes usually start for pups aging from 2 to 5 months. Trainers usually focus on mouthing, barking and digging issues. Dogs that are older than 5 months can properly take obedience training that address jumping, unnecessary barking and house breaking issues.

cost of dog obedience trainingMost people think that cost of obedience training are way too much to manage, in some cases this is right but once an owner is asked to sit in an obedience training session they would have a better idea how those high cost demand is justified.

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