Contagious Dog Diseases And You

Contagious Dog diseases 2

In your life circle you’ll come across different diseases that plague your body and eat you up from the inside. Dog owners often tend to forget that your dog can also become a reason for your sickness and there are few contagious diseases that pass from dogs to humans. Although, the number of dog diseases are a plenty but the good news is that not all of them a contagious. But, still you as a dog owner need to look out for the possible health concerns. Below are the few of the most common contagious dog diseases and the symptoms that you should be aware of as a dog owner.


In my personal opinion rabies is the most prevalent and threatening disease for both humans and other animals, and it’s results are always fatal and serious. The most common source of rabies are the animals of the wild, like raccoons, foxes, skunks and even bats. Humans, dogs and cats can fall victim to this disease if they get bit by one of a rabid animal.

Vaccination is the only way to protect your pets from this life threatening disease, but a lot of people don’t know that not every vaccinated animal will develop the protective immunity, so there are still chances that this disease might harm the pet. If your pet comes in contact with a rabid animal and get infected, you need to rush to the vet for proper cleaning of the wound and thorough examination as soon as possible, otherwise you may sadly lose your pet.

Intestinal Parasites

Contagious Dog diseases 2
Make sure you develop a habit of washing your hands after playing with your pet

Feces are the waste materials of the body, be it human or animals. In dogs, feces are asource of parasites like hookworm, tapeworm and roundworms. Dogs can get infected if they eat the animal or more precisely dog feces. You may have seen dogs licking the poop, this could be a serious behavioral issue and could possibly lead to health issues. The best approach to protect yourself from the potential risk is to develop a habit of washing your hands properly. Make sure you teach your children to wash their hands too after playing with the pooch, small children like to eat dirt and this can be risky. Animals often defecate in sand or dirt and the results can be hazardous if they eat that parasite breeding ground dirt.

Parasites like hookworm can often penetrate human and animal skins, so make sure you have vaccinated your dog for this disease too. Arrange bi annual medical checkups for intestinal parasites. The worms can penetrate your skin too, so avoid going out in the open barefooted. Develop a habit of removing the fecal waste from your lawn or yard as soon as possible. Flea products are the best to prevent these intestinal infections, they act as medications against these diseases and also kill them.

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One of the only fungal disease on the list is Ringworm, it is contagious and can pass on to you from your cat or dog. This disease is more often found in puppies and kittens, though it can infect the animal of any age group. There is a strange thing about this disease, not all the infected animals show the signs of this disease equally. Some animals would have typical symptoms like hair loss, rashes and crusty sin while others may not show even a single symptom.

Contagious Dog diseases 2
Make sure you arrange Bi annual vet examination

In humans, this infection forms a notable red round rash that is in most cases very itchy, you may develop a bald spot if the spot is on the scalp area. The best treatment method is the use of shampoos that contain lime sulfur and ketoconazole. Your vet may recommend oral medications in case of general infection.


Leptospirosis is a bacteria based contagious disease that effects both humans and animals. The bacteria enters in to the skin via skin cut or mucous membrane found in mouth or around the eyes. Symptoms of lecto include fever, lethargy, gum ulcers, blood colored urine, depression and loss of appetite. This disease can even cause liver or kidney damage.

Contagious Dog diseases 2
Make sure you have a fresh water available for drinking while you are out for swimming

The most likely source for humans getting infected from this disease is the lepto infected water, make sure you don’t drink or swallow any of the lake, pool or pond water. The same goes for your dogs. Make sure you wear swimming goggles for protection. Lecto vaccinations for dogs and humans are avaible, ask your doctor and vet respectively for the treatment.

This is the first of many human centered dog related articles, in future I plan to write more about these kind of topics. I hope you would have benefitted from this info, if you think I have missed any of the contagious dog diseases then please mention them in the comments. Have you ever encountered any of the mentioned diseases in the list? If YES, then please share your experiences with me for the betterment of the others. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!



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