Causes of Depression In Dogs : Explained

Causes of Depression In Dogs

Causes of Depression In Dogs

Causes of depression in dogs are somewhat exactly like the causes of depression in human. Plenty of factors are a reason behind the cause of depression or they may lead to depression. Not every dog experiences depression as a result of chemical imbalance. There are plenty of other things that are the main causes of depression in dogs.

What Are The Causes Of Depression In Dogs?

Last time I covered the Symptoms of depression in dogs, where I discussed the changes in behavior and all the related stuff. If you have read that article, its time to find out the causes of depression in dogs. If you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest you to read it.

Abuse (Physical and Mental)

Abuse is one of the major reasons behind depression. Many dogs that are abused end up showing signs of depression and aggression. When this abuse comes from their owner, it also develops a sense of distrust between the owner and the dog. Continuous abuse leads towards psychological issues as well.

Death (Owner or Sibling)

Causes of Depression In DogsDeath of the owner or siblings causes depression in dogs. Dogs are well known for their loyalty and a tragic death of their owner and sibling (or playmate) can lead to long periods of depression. Dogs develop very strong bonds with their owner and its hard to say good bye. Dogs are often devastated by the death of their owner, because of the emotional bond they develop.


If your dog is nearly alone all day long, 7 days a week, you shouldn’t call yourself as a pet parent in the first place. However, dogs that are left in isolation for long period of time often experience sadness and loneliness. Its start to get on the head too, just like the way humans get affected mentally by loneliness.

Clinical Depression

Chemical Imbalance is one of those causes of depression in dogs that is related to medical condition. If your dog is suffering from depression for quite a time and there is no apparent reason for that, then it might be just chemical imbalance and a case of clinical depression. In such cases, you should consult a vet for an antidepressant.

Medical Conditions

Often dogs experience depression as a result of some medical condition. It is advised to take your Fido for a med check up to check the reasons.


Causes of Depression In DogsEnvironment plays a vital role in the mood of dogs. Often dogs feel depressed when the whole family had to relocate in a new house. Dogs do develop strong bonds with houses and the places they live. Dogs often get depressed when the environment around them is boring or abusive.

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Depressed Owner

People that are going through depression don’t properly take care of themselves. And often their pets also get neglected and ignored. Proper pet care requires a energy and time, something a depressed person doesn’t have.

Age Factor

I have seen some dogs that got more and more depressed as they age. Dogs that grow older tend to become depressed as their activities are limited. Dogs do know when their time is up, and this thing gets into their head, causing depression.

Pet Neglect

Causes of Depression In DogsPet neglect is a major concern now-a-days. People just buy pets but don’t take proper care of them. A lot of people just buy pets because their favorite celebrity has one, but they don’t take care of them. This causes depression in dogs. Moreover, when a dog gets continuous divided treatment because of another pet, he gets depressed as he feels himself less important.

Change In Weather

Some dogs get absolutely freaked out because of an approaching storm or a thunder bolt. Moreover, dogs do get depressed because of seasonal changes that limit their activities. Especially when winter approaches.

These are the main causes of depression in dogs, I hope you lovely and nice people would take proper care of your pets after finding out the reason behind their depression. In the next post, I will discuss “Depression In Dogs : Treatment”.



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