Caring For A Puppy With A Broken Leg

Caring for a puppy with a broken leg

Caring For A Puppy With A Broken Leg

Puppies are careless in their early days and they often hurt themselves because of their careless and curious nature. They would break their legs often by going onto the roads and getting hit by cars or they would fall off any place and break a limb. Their curiosity can lead them to any place and they might show up with a broken leg, many of the pet parents find it difficult caring for a puppy with Broken Leg. Today, I shall discuss this topic in detail to bring some preventive and precautionary methods to ensure a speedy recovery.

Caring For A Puppy With A Broken Leg : Explained

Caring for a puppy with a broken legPuppies are full of energy most of the times and it’s really hard to get o hold of them even when they have a broken leg. If their activities and movements are not restrained, they can further damage their limb by straining their paws. Moreover it can lead to permanent damage like bone deformation and this isn’t good at all, especially in such an early age.

In the first few days it will be easy to restrain the pup because he himself will most probably be sore, but as the time goes by with the help of medicine he will start behaving normal, and this is the hardest point of all, restricting the movements of the pup. Continue below to find exact details about caring for a puppy with a broken leg.

Follow The Vet’s Instructions

Caring for a puppy with a broken leg
Take your puppy to the scheduled vet exams every time.

As soon as you come back home after the getting your pup the broken limb treatment, start acting upon the instructions the vet has given out. Puppies have a loose bladder control and they need to go to the bathroom often, so carefully walk the puppy to the bathroom as per the vet’s instructions. Strictly follow the medication plan set out by the vet, and follow vet’s instructions for return visits for check up.

Give Your Puppy Proper Attention

Make sure you or any other responsible family member is always there for your puppy on the first few days the treatment. You should personally ensure that there is someone always someone looking out for the pup, one other way is to confine the puppy to the crate to ensure very limited movement.

Restrict Strenuous Activities

Caring for a puppy with a broken leg
Crate confinement is one of the safest way way to restrict the puppy’s movement.

Your puppy would definitely feel much better after a week or so and he would be much more active and energized, so it would be hard to restrain his playful activities. Your puppy would want to play with other dogs too, but this should not be allowed to happen unless your vet has cleared him for such activities, otherwise it would damage the healing wound and pressure is never a good thing for limbs.

Avoid Stairs and Jumps

Puppies like to jump around here and there, and this shouldn’t be allowed when your pup has a broken limb. Make sure your pup keeps away from climbing stairs or jumping off the sofa or bed, jump can cause significant damage to already damaged limb, the impact of jumps on the broken limb can be really painful, and may lead to deformation. If you live in a place where you have to use stairs, make sure you don’t let your puppy climb the stairs. You can either lift him in your hands or call some family member to lift the pup. You should be very careful on the stairs while holding the pup, if you climb the stairs while running then there is no point of holding the puppy, the best approach is to calmly use the stairs.

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Caring For A Puppy With A Broken Leg : Entertain Your Pet

Caring for a puppy with a broken leg
Keep your pup entertained.

A bored pup is a dangerous one, not that dangerous but a danger to his healing limb. He would do anything to please himself if he is bored, so make sure there is someone around him that can entertain him, otherwise his movement can be destructive. You can consult your pet for canine rehab activities depending upon the situation of your pet.

Caring For A Puppy With A Broken Leg : Common Questions Related To A Broken Limb

Does the broken leg heal on its own?

Yes. But, it doesn’t mean it would heal properly. The bones naturally heal on their own via remodeling, but it is never a good practice to heal it on their own, especially when the bone is dislocated from the original position.

How long it takes to bone to heal properly?

The average time for the broken bone to heal properly is 2 to 4 weeks, but this can increase depending upon damage the bone ha sustained.

Speaking of mature dogs, it takes 6 to 12 weeks for the bone to properly heal, puppies have more bone building cells than mature dogs, so it takes lesser time for puppies.

I hope now you have better knowledge about caring for a puppy with a broken leg, please feel very free to discuss your experiences. I would love to listen to them, please sound off in the comments.



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