Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing Home A New Puppy

When a couple finds out soon they will become parents of a child, they will do everything in their powers to make special arrangements and preparations to welcome the new member in the family. A special room is prepared and set aside for the baby, toys are brought into the room , walls are painted and baby supplies are bought in huge numbers. Parents even select a baby doctor for the child that is still in mother’s womb. Same is the case with Bringing Home A New Puppy. Pet parents need to make all sorts of arrangements to welcome their pooch. They would bring all kind of necessary stuff for their puppy.

Bringing Home A New Puppy
Make sure you buy must have items like food bowl.

Not all pet parents, especially new ones, know what to bring home the very first day, and what arrangements they should make in advance for their pup. We have compiled a list of things to do before bringing home a new puppy, continue below to check them out.

Bringing Home A New Puppy : Things To Do

Equipment & Stuff

When you bring your puppy home he would need a room or at least a place to live and stay, a place he would call his very own place. It could be a cage or crate, or even a bed. Your puppy would definitely need food and water on regular basis, so make sure you buy food bowls and water bowls. Puppies love to walk and while on a walk out you will need a collar and leash to take a hold of your puppy.

Bringing Home A New Puppy : Training Pads

Bringing Home A New PuppyIf you plan to house train your puppy, you will need to bring training pads and books for that purpose. I have seen many people facing issues with house training their puppies, for more details check Pet Training section.

Bringing Home A New Puppy : Ride To The New Home

So, finally the big and special day has arrived when you pick up your new family member off from the shelter or breeder’s place. Probably you would pick up him in car, so make sure you make advance arrangements for the ride back to home. A car ride for a puppy riding to a completely new place can be very stressful, surrounded by new people and going to an unknown destination makes it hard for the young pup to handle. Moreover, puppies and dogs are not very comfortable with the car rides in their early days, they get pretty anxious.

Make sure the first car ride to home is smooth, otherwise that bad experience could dig deep into mind, might become a part of his behavior. You must ensure that before the puppy leaves the kennel, he must be taken to the bathroom so that you and your car is safe from the floods. I would suggest all of the pet parents to bring a dog crate for the puppy, though you can hold the puppy in hands with a blanket wrapped around the body, but the safe practice is to use crates.

Bringing Home A New Puppy
First Car Ride can be hard on the pet, bring a puppy crate.

If your puppy needs to relieve itself during the ride, do not stop at the highway rest area, those place are contaminated and puppies are prone to diseases from the young age. Definitely you wouldn’t want your puppy to get a disease on his very first ride to home.

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Bringing Home A New Puppy : The First Day(s) At Home

Going to a completely new place for the very first time and surrounded by completely new people will surely make the puppy anxious, not finding his mother and litter-mates around would further worsen the condition. Some people suggest to leave the puppy completely on its own to adjust himself with the new surroundings. I strongly disagree with this opinion, you should plan to keep the puppy very involved in some kind of activity to keep his mind occupied so that he can feel a bit comfortable.

You will be amazed by the progress your pup would make if you keep him busy in some kind of activity and play in the first few days, this will greatly help in housebreaking. You should specially take out some extra time from your schedule to make the puppy feel at home.

Bringing Home A New Puppy : Visit A Vet

Bringing Home A New Puppy 5Health is wealth, so make an arrangement to visit the vet for the initial health check of your pet. Obviously you want to ensure that the pup is in perfect physical condition. Make sure you have all of the previous medical history of your pet, the vaccinations he has received, and the diet he was being fed. All of this information will help to you to know more about your puppy and how to feed him onwards.

Bringing Home A New Puppy : Feeding The Puppy

Feeding a puppy is easy, but when and how to feed a puppy is quite difficult, especially when you are unaware of the feeding habits of a pup that is in your home for the very first time. When you get your puppy from the breeder or shelter, make sure you ask them to provide all info about it’s eating habits. In my opinion you should not even think of a change in diet in the few early days, continue with the diet he was in the shelter. A sudden or abrupt change in diet may not be welcomed by the pet, or it can even lead to digestive issues.

As per my experience and what I have discussed with other fellow nutritionists, it is safe to start feeding the puppy a commercial food when he reaches the age of 21 days or roughly a month. Most breeders buy dry puppy food and soak it in water for half an hour, then present to the puppies.

With the passage of time the amount of water is decreased in the food, and then comes a stage when water is altogether eliminated. But this solely depends on the growth of teeth. I always suggest dry food specially formulated for puppies.

I hope all of you nice people out there would have benefited from this piece of information, do let us know about your thoughts on “bringing home a new puppy“. I would love to listen what arrangements you made for the new pup. Happy Parenting!



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