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boxer dog breed profile

Dog Breed Profiles : Boxer Dog Breed

Boxer Dog breed was originally used as a guard dog and mainly bull baiting, but now they are a common house dogs or companion dogs. Boxers have a medium sized body and they can weigh up to an average of 27 kilograms or 60 pounds.

In this very new series we are going to provide a detailed information about every dog on the planet, and we are going to start it with Boxer Dogs. We will cover nearly everything you need to know about a boxer dog, what do they do, how do they do, what do they eat, when do they eat and much more. So lets get to the point straight away.



Second/Other Names : None

Breed History : Boxers were originally used as guard dogs, but now they are popular companion dogs.


Weight : An average boxer dog weights 65 to 70 pounds, while a female boxer dog weighs around 55  to 60 pounds.

Height : An average boxer dog stands 22 to 25 inches tall, while an average female dog has a height between 21 to 23 inches.

Size Category : Medium Sized Dog Breed

boxer dog breed profileLife Span : 9 to 15 years long life span. Boxer dogs have a considerably shorter life span in comparison to some other companion dogs but there is always a chance of exceptions, you never know. Mainly the lifespan is dependent on the health and ailments suffered by the dog.

Exercise Rate : Roughly around 2 or more than 2 hours per day, as you already know they are quite active dogs. One of their favorite sport is chasing balls and Frisbees.


Country Of Origin : Germany

Energy : Highly active dogs

Suitable For Children : Yes, boxers are not harmful dogs and they get along well with kids, however if you have a misbehaving dog that isn’t well trained then there is always a risk.

Personal Protection : Boxers have a high personal protection capabilities, they are guard dogs and they know how to look out for other and for themselves.

Guarding : Being originally a guard dog, boxer dogs are one of the best option for guarding purpose.

Barking Tendency : Boxers are not that noisy in general, however they do like to bark but they don’t go crazy. In simple words, I would say they have a MEDIUM barking tendency.

Aggression Level : Boxers have a medium level of aggression, they are calm and cool in behavior but can be relatively aggressive if annoyed.

Compatibility With Pets : Very high, boxers are very calm dogs and they know how to adjust in a place. They are a best fit for people having plenty of pets in the home.

Transportability : Boxers are very compatible dogs, and they don’t make a meal out of things. Their ease of transportation makes them a good companion for people who travel often.

boxer dog breed profileOverall Behavior : Boxers are a very lively and active breeds, very loyal and self assured. They have a great personality making them very suitable for all kind of age groups, whether it is children, adults or mature people. They are always packed with energy to go an extra mile, although being an active and energized dog they never are in a mood to pick a fight. They like to live in a busy households, if left alone for large period of times they can be very destructive. So, you better not leave your boy alone, he wouldn’t like that.


Average Per Week Cost On Food : $5.50-$10.50

Feeding Needs : Boxers are not an over eating dog breed, they only eat to live actively. The most appropriate approach is to feed a boxer twice per day. Some of the boxers have digestive issues and they must be offer a strict diet as per the advice of family vet. Dry dog food is preferred option for boxers. We have already written a very detailed piece of information on the what is the best dog food for boxers, you must check it out. In my opinion, best boxer dog food must have at least half of the calories coming from protein sources, fat is another very important part of the diet.

Average Ownership  Cost : On average, a newborn puppy costs roughly around $700 to $850. While a grown male/female adult boxer dog costs somewhere between $1350 to $1550. But these prices are rough figures, they are subject to change on base of location and physical characteristics.

Litter Size : The average litter size is around 6, at max it can be near 10.

Medical Expenses : Boxers are active dogs, and prone to accidents. So, you might have to pay for medical care, better get an insurance if your dog is prone to accidents.

Health Issues : Boxers are strong and sturdy dogs, however they do have some health issues. A lot of boxers have a persistent issue of digestive disorder.

Common Health Issues : Digestive Disorder, Lymphoma, Hip Dysplasiaboxer dog breed


Coat : Strong and Smooth with a short length

Shedding : Boxers don’t shed too often

Allergies : Boxers are prone to allergies

Color : The colors vary from boxer to boxer, though boxers have white markings on the body with a dominant red or fawn color. You may find some completely white boxers.


History : The origin of boxer dog is from Germany, the first boxer dog registered in a Kennel Club in USA was back in 1904.


Boxer Dog was one of the first dog to be selected and registered for police training in Germany.

Boxer Dog is 8th most popular Dog breed, as per the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Recommendation About Boxer Dogs

Being the 8th most popular dog breed in USA tells a lot, I would definitely recommend a boxer to others. Would you recommend a boxer dog breed? Do let us know.



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