Best Dog Food For Huskies

Best Dog Food For Huskies

Best Dog Food For Huskies

Huskies are very energetic and active dogs originally belonging to the frozen lands of Siberia, commonly used as sled dogs. They are workaholic dog breed capable of pulling heavy loads for very long distances. These days huskies are hugely popular as family pets because of their energetic lifestyle and friendly behavior with children. Being an active breed, huskies require a lot of exercise every day, and they require a high quality diet for that. Do you know what is the best dog food for huskies? When and how your beautiful husky should be fed? Continue below to find out how should you feed your husky.

Best Dog Food For Huskies – Nutritional Requirements

Although Siberian huskies are an active breed, they don’t eat as much as the other dog breeds of same size. A normal female husky weighs near about 35 Pounds while a mature male weighs nearly 60 pounds. Huskies have one of the best metabolism in all of the dog breeds, and they tend to eat only when they are hungry.

Best Dog Food For Huskies
Huskies are better known for the sledge pulling in Siberia.

If your husky skips a meal any day, you shouldn’t be concerned as it is very normal for huskies. Recently I met a very experienced husky breeder who told me a lot about their eating habits. Huskies would skip a meal of they don’t feel hungry.


Genetically huskies are very active dogs, or I should say athletic dogs and they are very lively even as a family pet. To keep them running all day you should ensure your husk gets lot of protein from a quality food source. As per the research of National Research Council, an active average male husky weighing around 50 to 55 pounds require an average of 1358 calories per day. Those huskies that have been spayed or neutered may need a fewer amount of calories. However, if you are still using your huskies for pulling sledges on the ice then you need to give them a lot more than 1358 calories.

As I mentioned that huskies don’t need a lot of food and may skip meals, it is not always easy to feed them. Moreover, if your particular husky skips meals on regular basis then you should consider feeding him a calorie dense food to cover the calories of the missed meals. Remember these foods will cost you more compared to normal dog foods, however these high quality products have greater amount of calories in lesser amount of food, that is perfect for meal skipping husky.

Best Dog Food For Huskies
Husky – highly active and energetic dog breed.

As per the recommendation of Association of American Feed Control (AAFCO), there should be a minimum of 18% of protein in dog food for adult huskies, while the best dog food for huskies (puppies) should have a minimum of 22% of protein. As per my personal research, a lot of commercial and packed dog foods will exceed these minimum protein levels, but its not bad.


A food is considered to be best dog food for huskies if it contains at least 5 percent of fats for grown up huskies. On the other hand the best dog food for Siberian husky puppies should have a minimum of 8 percent of fat in its diet. Remember, fat is also very essential for always active and energetic huskies. Hip dysplasia is a common problem in most of the medium sized dogs but not in huskies, because of their sleek body and active way of living.

Best Dog Food For Huskies – Health Concerns

Best Dog Food For Huskies
Avoid dairy ice creams , they can be harmful too.

Huskies are very intolerant to lactose, in common words “milk”. They shouldn’t be fed with milk or milk related products. Make sure you never ever feed your husky with milk, many of the dog food products have milk or skimmed milk. Always buy a food product after checking its food label.

Best Dog Food For Huskies – Food To Avoid

  1. Fat Trimming – Fat that is trimmed from the meat would only harm your husky’s health, it may lead to pancreatitis. This could lead to pancreas infection which leads to severe abdominal pain.
  2. Cooked Bones – Feeding your husky with a cooked bone can choke them and may even cause serious internal bleeding.
  3. Garlic Items – Avoid feeding your husky with onions and all other items from garlic family. Any food that has onion or garlic should not be considered as the best dog food for huskies. Garlic and onion is known for killing the blood cells. If a husky intakes garlic or onions, he may face difficulty in breathing and might start vomiting while showing no interest in eating.Best Dog Food For Huskies
  4. Dairy Items – As I already mentioned not to feed your husky with dairy items, Why? Because they can’t really digest milk specific protein and large intake can cause loose stools and digestive system disorder.
  5. Caffeine – You might love to start your day with some coffee or tea, but your husky wouldn’t acknowledge it if you feed him some. Large caffeine intake can lead to serious health problems that have no known cure. Chocolate and some energy drinks contain caffeine, so be very careful when you feed your husky.
  6. Avocado – Avocado can serious affect your dog’s heart muscles that causes lethargy, heavy breathing all the time and most probably diarrhea.

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Best Brand Of Dog Food For HuskiesBest Dog Food For Huskies

  • Orijen Adult Grain Free Dog Food
  • Blue Buffalo Grain Free Dry Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Dry Dog Food

I hope a lot of your questions about the best dog food for huskies are answered, If you have anything important to say then please comment in the section down below, I would appreciate your contribution. Happy Parenting !

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