Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

Want to know about best dog food  for german shepherds? Becasue German Shepherds are one of the most beloved dog breeds, and one of my favorite too. They have a special aura, something that makes you feel privileged. They are not jut dogs, they are Intelligent Dogs, one that thinks and understand, a real work horse, or I should say a word dog. They are muscular and love to work, which needs quite a firepower to keep the big engines running. They need a food that can help them last the day with ease, any food can be good for them but we are here to find out the Best Dog Food For German Shepherds, this might be your question.

What Is The Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds
GSD is a workaholic dog breed that loves to play.

German shepherds are like a masterpiece created by an artist, they are just perfect in every way. They have that elegant look with a big body that attracts the onlookers. And this body requires a lot of calories for sure, and today I bring forward all the information you need to figure out what’s the best dog food for German shepherds. I met a couple of resident dog experts to find out exactly what would a German Shepherd requires for his daily intake in terms of food and other dietary items.

German Shepherd : Nutritional Needs

An average German Shepherd requires approximately 1600 calories per day, for an older German Shepherd you need to feed him nearly 1200 calories per day. But, if you have a very active and workaholic dog then he would need something  like 2000-2100 calories per day.

Best Dog Food For German ShepherdsBefore you make your mind to feed your big boy as per these statistics, remember that these are average estimates, don’t just rely on them because every dog isn’t the same. Make sure you consult your vet for more specific details.

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds : Explained

Macro Nutrients

Best Dog Food For German ShepherdThe best way to understand the dietary requirements of German Shepherd is by knowing the origin of German Shepherds, they belong to the Alsatian Region of Germany and the primary source of food is beef, green cabbage, alfalfa and wheat. I believe now you can better understand what serves better for German Shepherd, so the best dog for German Shepherds would be a blend of beef, wheat and cabbage. Moreover, in my opinion the worst food for your dog would be a mixture fish and soy.

A common mistake is the use of fish in german shepherd’s diet, avocado is a much better source of fats rather than fish and soy. German shepherds just love to eat beef, so don’t hesitate to offer them food rich with carbs such as oats and barley.

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds : Avoiding Health Problems

No matter how much protective you are, there are still chances that your dog might fall into one of the common health problems german shepherds face. Below you can check the common health problems and their dietary solutions.

Bloat In German Shepherds

Best Dog Food For German ShepherdsBloat, medically known as gastric torsion, is a prevalent disease in big dogs that like to play after their meal. While playing, your dog’s stomach can twist and that can stop the gases to leave the stomach, and it can be real scare for your dog. The common symptoms of bloat are attempts to vomit after eating, lethargic behavior, stomach swelling and excessive salivation. If you see any of these listed symptoms, immediately take your dog to the vet.


The best and suitable solution to this problem is to divide the eating routine of your dog into smaller and more frequent meals. And you must ensure your dog rests at least rest for 30 minutes after having its meal.

Ineffective Nutrient Absorption

Best Dog Food For German ShepherdsGerman Shepherd have a smaller sized colons in contrast to other dog having same size. This makes difficult for them to properly absorb the nutrients they get from their diet.


To avoid this problem, the best dog food for german shepherds will be large amounts of fiber, that comes mostly from oats, barley, apples and leafy greens.

Hip & Joints Issues

Hip problem is one of the most commonly found problems with the big sized dogs, and German shepherds also fall into this category. You can’t completely prevent these problems but at least some certain steps can make things better.

The best dog food for German Shepherds in this situation is the use of glucosamine that strengthens the joints and bone cartilage.

Best Dry Dog Food For German Shepherds

Royal Canin Dog Food

Best Dog Food For German ShepherdsIn my opinion the best dry dog food for German shepherds is Royal canin dog food, it is specifically tailored for individual breeds and in this case for GSDs. It supports healthy metabolism and digestion along with improving the immunity system of GSDs.

Other notable and worth mentioning names that fall into the category of best dog food for german shepherds are

  1. Honest Kitchen Beef Recipe – it contains excessive amount of beef that is must have feature of any GSD food, moreover it is a superbly well balance diet product, though it is not the most tasty food products available.
  2. Ziwipeak Real Meat Grain Free Air-Dried Dog Food – The best thing about the GSD food is its high quality ingredient selection, in simple words it doesn’t contains any ingredients that can prove to be harmful for dogs. The beef found in this dog food is purely 100 percent natural and grass fed that is raised in green natural pastures.

Do let me know what do you think about “Best Dog Food For German Shepherds”, I would love to hear your experiences.

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