Best Dog Food For Dalmatians – Explained

best dog food for dalmatians


Best Dog Food For Dalmatians

Dalmatians is a considerably large dog breed that is instantly recognizable because of their unique dots and spot patterns on the coat. They are widely considered as perfect companion dogs, and companions deserve the best of food and living. Dalmatians are highly energetic dogs and they need food to keep the engines blazing. If you have a Dalmatian and unsure about what to feed him, then here I am to bring you all the information about the best dog food for Dalmatians.

Best Dog Food For Dalmatians – Knowing The Breed

best dog food for dalmatiansDalmatians were developed to run for miles alongside transport wagons and carriages, they are one of the best choices for people who like to go for jogging, cycling and skating with their dogs. Their high energy levels can almost be exhausting to live with, you certainly can’t compete with their energy and strength for long.

Dalmatians require sufficient exercise on daily basis to stay healthy, and they are highly intelligent too. So, they need ample amount of nutrition and diet to pass out the day.

Best Dog Food For Dalmatians – Understanding Their Nutritional Needs

An average Dalmatian can weigh between 48 to 55 pounds, while they have an average height between 20 to 24 inches, male dalmatians are usually larger than their female counter parts. Born and bred to run, these highly active and energetic dogs need considerable amount of food per day to maintain their lifestyle. Dalmatians are prone to hip dysplasia, showing signs of pains in one or both of their hind legs. Moreover, they can also get certain skin allergies so you need to be careful what to feed and what to avoid.

Remember, all of the dogs don’t have the exact same age, weight, height and health conditions. So, my recommendations for the best dog food for dalmatians may slightly vary for your dogs depending on their physical characteristics.


best dog food for dalmatiansDalmatians require proteins, rather adequate amount of protein in their food that comes from QUALITY sources, like turkey and chicken. The best dog food for dalmatians should have a minimum of 24 percent of protein, chicken and turkey are the best choices because they have a lesser amount of purines compared to other protein rich items such as beef. Moreover, if your dog has URINARY problem, then avoid feeding them beef. Dalmatians need a balanced diet and I recommend feeding them scraps too.

Dalmatians don’t get along well with foods containing ethoxyquin, so its better to avoid feeding this particular preservative. Dalmatians like to eat the food soaked in water, I am not saying that food should be floating in the water, just soaked. You may add milk to the bowl instead of water. Dalmatians are running dogs and they need more amount of water than other dogs, so food soaked in water or milk has an added benefit.

You must ensure you feed your Dalmatian twice a day, once a day is simply not enough for a dog that like to exercise and stay active all day long.

Best Dog Food For Dalmatians – Food Recommendations

Dalmatians food list must have the below listed items. Continue reading !


Chicken, turkey , bone-less fish and lamb are a quality source of protein that comes from meat. You must always avoid feeding them with organs like liver and brain. Plenty of dog foods have huge amounts of toxins that can be problematic for dalmatians to digest.

best dog food for dalmatiansVeggies

The best dog food for dalmatians must always have naturally grown ingredients such as vegetables. Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Tomatoes, Beans and Peas are good choices for dalmatians. Try to avoid veggies like broccoli and cabbages, dalmatians don’t get along well with them.


Brown rice is a recommended food choice for dalmatians, its very beneficial and easy to serve. Moreover, it is easily digestible and dalmatians like to eat them often. Whenever you feed them with rice, make sure its not too hot, room temperature serving would be just perfect.

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Best Dry Dog Food For Dalmatians

best dog food for dalmatiansBefore I recommend the best dry dog food for dalmatians, you need to be sure of your dog’s urinary system. If your pooch  has  urinary problems such as forming urinary crystals, then dry food isn’t the choice for you.

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Best Dog Food For Dalmatians – Good Treats

  • Toast
  • Pasta
  • Cheese
  • Eggs (Boiled)
  • Yougurt


Dalmatians depend on what they eat every day, so make sure you offer them good food. I hope you are better “best dog food for dalmatians“. If you have anything to add then please sound off in the comments, I would love to hear from your side.



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