Best Dog Food For Border Collies

best dog food for border collie


Best Dog Food For Border Collies


Looking for the best dog food for border collies? Its a tough one to ask. Why? Because this breed just loves to spend their energy, they would run all day log no matter whatever you do, there is no way stop to them. Border Collies were bred and developed to be herd dogs and their sole motive was to chase down the sheep whenever one goes astray. I would waste no more time and get to the business end of the discussion, “best dog food for border collies“.

Best Dog Food For Border Collies : Understanding The Breed

The best way to get a better idea of a nutritional requirements of dog is to learn about its anatomy, its physical traits and above all its living life style. Border Collies were developed to be highly active dogs, and they are by no means lazy. Finding the best dog food for border collies is bit of tough ask as they have their own set of health problems, which rules out certain stuff out of the consideration window.

best dog food for border collie
Border Collies are hyper active in nature, they just love to play and run.

Border Collies require a lot more of calories than your average dog, their metabolism is way better than your everyday dog, moreover their hyper active nature makes them calorie burners. An average male collie weighs between 30 to 40 pounds, while an average female weighs somewhere between 27 to 38 pounds. In simple words, a border collie, either male or female weighs about 35 pounds on average. I want to mention one important thing, remember these are rough numbers and not all dogs have same physical structure.

Best Dog Food For Border Collies – Necessary Nutrients

High energy dogs usually need more protein than most of the dogs, because they burn more calories. After talking to a couple of nutrition experts, I can responsibly say that at least a half (or nearly half) of their calories must be from a protein source. I have heard a lot of people suggesting quarter of calories must come from protein source, but that is not entirely the right approach. Why? because border collie is a active dog breed and it needs more calories and subsequently more protein than other dogs. You must make sure your dogs get protein from a variety of sources like veggies and fruits too.

best dog food for border collieBorder collies have long hairs, which means they need more amount of fats. Fats play a very vital role in strengthening the skin and hair of a dog in addition to strengthening the immunity system. In my opinion the best dog food for border collies must have whole fish, or flaxseed. Fish oil would also do just fine.

How often should I feed a Border Collie Puppy?

twice a day at the same time each day.

Best Dog Food For Border Collies – Health Issues

best dog food for border collieBorder collies can suffer from numerous diseases that can take life out of the pet, most serious one is Hip Dysplasia. Border Collies develop joint problems during their life span, and if your pooch suffer from hip dysplasia, make sure you offer food containing calcium and glucosamine. As you know calcium strengthens the bones and cartilage.

Failing eye sight is another issue commonly found in collies, and best dog food for border collies having eye sight issues is frequent use of fresh fruits and veggies like oranges, carrot, sweet potatoes and squash.

Best Commercial Dog Food For Border Collies

  • Caindae All Life Stages Dog Food
  • Purina Pro Plan Select
  • Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Formula

Best Dog Food For Border Collies – Dry Vs Canned Food

If you have done some research on the various food types and brands available in the market then you would be aware of the fact that dry kibble is what most border collie owners get for their dogs. A lot of people prefer delicious and saucy canned food for their boys. But which one of the two is the best dog food for border collies?

Advantages of Kibble

Cheaper in cost : The obvious and most considerable fact is the price, no one can literally splash out crazy amount of cash on all sorts of food brands, so kibble is obvious choice for many.

Good for teeth : Kibble is more of teeth friendly food as compared to canned food.

Disadvantages of Kibble

Excessive amount of Fillers : Kibble has a major portion of fillers in it, to cover up the low price tag most of them has fair amount of fillers in it, and these fillers are just added to make the bowl look filled with no nutritional advantage.

Collies don’t always like Kibble : Kibble doesn’t tastes good, and its dray and hard too. And your pooh can dislike it because of its stiffness and dryness.

Pros of Canned Food

Taste Is Great : Canned food is something your collie would always enjoy eating, you might get t chance to see your pooch licking the bowl.

Less Fillers : Not all of the canned food have lesser fillers than kibble, but most of them do.

Cons of Canned Food

Expensive : The price of canned food for an adult border collie is quite high as compared to the cost you pay for the kibble,

Bad for Teeth: Dogs like to chew a lot, and this strengthens their mouth and biting. As canned foods don’t have anything hard to chew , this usually goes against the biting and mouthing nature of the dog. However, you can offer him some raw bones to keep the teeth healthy.

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A lot of people like to feed home cooked food, but its a case of personal preference, the same is the case with kibble vs canned food, if you can pay for canned food then go for it, if not then kibble or homemade food is just fine.



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