Best Dog Food For Akitas – Explained

best dog food for akitas

 Best Dog Food For Akitas

Akita is a Japanese dog breed known for its fluffy and thick coat and their nutritional needs should be taken care of. They deserve the best to offer, and today I’m discussing in detail “the best dog food for Akitas“. I believe you are aware of the fact that every dog breed has its very own set of nutritional needs and not all breeds share same body and physical characteristics. Same is the case with akitas, they have a very thick coat and this makes them different from handful of other breeds. I wouldn’t take more time so lets get to the business end of this article.

What Is The Best Dog Food For Akitas

best dog food for akitasA lot of pet parents just go to the market and buy food for their pooches, without even bothering to understand the nutritional needs of their pets. The best dog food for akitas is one that serves them the best, one that is tailored for them. I am going to start this discussion with understanding the nutritional needs of the breed, what they do and what they need.

Best Dog Food For Akitas – Nutritional Requirements

Akitas is one of the very oldest Japanese dog breed which were developed from Matagi dogs, which were mainly used for bear hunting. The origin of Akitas comes from wild nature, they are intimidating and powerful as well as extremely smart dogs. Known for their loyalty, Akitas is a perfect choice for people looking for large breed life companion.

best dog food for akitasWith a large form factor and powerful build, akitas need the best diet to carry out their day, and you need to feed them the very best. In my opinion the best dog food for akitas must have two qualities, it serves his nutritional needs and it is made with high quality ingredients.

Akitas have a strong build and a mature akita weighs somewhere about 100 to 125 pounds, which at full maturity stands 25 to 28 inches tall. I am pretty much sure you are getting the point, they are known for the strong bonds with the family members. An average Akita can live as long as 12 years or even more.

Best Dog Food For Akitas – Protein

best dog food for akitasBest dog food for akitas must have ample amount of animal based protein and carbs. The best protein resources for the their diet comes mainly from fresh meat and meat meals. Meat meals have high amount of protein in contrast to fresh meat, which is indeed a great way to keep your big boy in best shape. Some experts recommend plant based protein sources, but in my opinion they have far less biological value in comparison to fresh meat. It doesn’t mean you should not feed them plant based food, all I am saying is they have less value than animal based sources. You can definitely use plant based sources just for change of diet for your pooch.

Best Dog Food For Akitas – Fats

best dog food for akitasUse of fats is the best way to strengthen the immunity system of your dog, they also help in strengthening the coat and fur. The best sources for fats are animal based sources like chicken fat and salmon oil. Plant based sources like canola oil and flaxseed are the best in plant category, but still they have a lesser value in comparison to chicken meat.

Best Dog Food For Akitas – Carbs

Carbs are a major part of the akita’s diet, and the best source is whole grain and brown rice. Fresh fruits are also a considerable option for carbs.

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What To Feed Baby Akita

best dog food for akitasPuppy akitas need puppy food only till the age of four months, they should be switched to an adult diet formula after the age of 4 months. It helps them grow in the best shape. Most commonly you’ll be getting a 2 month old puppy so you only need to feed him for 2 months on puppy diet.

Yoghurt : In my opinion yoghurt is the best dog food for akitas puppy, it serves them best.

Rice : Rice is the another option to feed your young puppy akita, some of the pets are sensitive to brown rice but most of them do just fine.

Vegetables : Vegetables like peas, cooked potatoes and carrots are the best option if you are looking for plant based nutrition.

Best Dog Food For Akitas – Things To Avoid

  • Raw Eggs
  • Soy
  • Wheat (Some of the dogs show intolerance)

Best Dog Food For Senior Akitas

As the akita ages, it requires a lot more of supplements like omega 3 fatty acid. The increased supplementation helps in immunity system as well as reduces joint inflammation. Senior akita must be fed more vegetables and fruits. At least half of the dry food must be replaced by fresh meat.

The Best Commercial Dog Food For Akitas

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Adult Salmon Recipe
  • Fromm Family Four-Star Duck & Sweet Potato Formula
  • Acana Classics Adult Large Breed Formula


Akita require a lot of nutrition to keep themselves healthy and running, and the best dog food for akita addresses their nutritional requirements at the very best. Before you go out in the market to buy some food, make sure it has all of the aforementioned ingredients. If you have anything to add then please write down in the comments section, I would appreciate your addition.



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