Best 5 Dog Accessories

Best 5 Dog Accessories

Best 5 Dog Accessories

Dog is considered to be man’s best friend, and we couldn’t agree more. There are highs and lows in your life and there will be a time in your life when you’d feel down and stressed, but cometh your best friend to take away all your sadness and frustration, standing by your side to make to happy, at least for the time being. Friendship is a two way relation, in order to get some you have to give something, and for your pet there is never anything better than making its life easy with some very handy gear and gadgets. It’s time to repay your loyal friend with some cool stuff. Here is some stuff you and your dog will really like.

Tagg Pet Tracker

Buy Tagg Pet Tracker
Tagg Pet Tracker

Number 1 product in our “best 5 dog accessories” is Tagg Pet Tracker. Dogs like to wander here and there, chances are that they might go out for a stroll and go further than you expect, or you are at your office and you want to know where is your pooch then this device will come in handy. Its GPS based system helps you track your pet, the best part of Tagg Pet Tracker is the feature of setting up security zone for your pet, once your dog breaches those virtual boundaries, you’ll receive an alert via text or mail. Additionally, you can also track your dog at any time.

K-9 Kannon Tennis Ball Launcher

Buy K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher
K-9 Kannon Ball Launcher

Dogs are playful and they really enjoy things to be thrown away so that they’d bring it back to you to start it all over again. This wonderful gadget comes with a stock of balls, all you need is to load and fire, load and fire. This “Kannon” can send the balls to a safe distance, don’t expect it to fire bombs.

Glowdoggie LED Collar

Buy Glowdoggie LED Dog Collar
Glowdoggie LED Dog Collar

Usually when the sun sets, the fun ends. But with this illuminated collar your can extend it for few more hours. When your dog isn’t infront of your eyes you may feel insecure about it, especially in the time of dark, but with innovative gadget you can easily spot your pooch. And it’s a long term investment, this LED can last ages, 17 years to be precise.This LED collar is water proof and is also used by Search and Rescue units.

iFetch Auto Ball Launcher

buy Ifetch ball launcher
iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

We know you aren’t active all day, you might have a rough day and too tired to play with your pet, may be you are not at home so there no way your pet can have some fun on its own. So, what’s the alternate? Its iFetch Auto Ball Launcher. This launcher doesn’t needs any human help, it would only require your dog to drop the ball into the top bowl, and it throws the ball from the other side.

Bamboo Hammock Bed

Buy Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed
Bamboo Hammock Dog Bed

Last product in our this week’s best 5 dog accessories” is Bamboo Hammock Bed. Everyone likes a comfy bed for a nap, and so does your dog. Why not use the Hammock dog bed to bring some luxury to your dog’s life. This bed comes with high quality swede cushions that will keep your dog down for hours.

These are this week’s best 5 dog accessories, we will be back with more. If we missed anyone then let us know in comments and we will include it in the next week. Don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues, after all its for you and your dog.



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