Advantages Of Spaying Your Female Dog

Advantages of spaying your female dog

Spaying Your Female Dog

I’m pretty sure you would be advised to think about spaying your female dog, but is it absolutely necessary? Do you really need to spay your female dog? Is it all about positives and no negatives? Spaying your female dog has its own advantages and disadvantages and in the following section you are going to find out, lets get straight to it.

Advantages of Spaying Your Female Dog

  • Spaying a female dog saves you from the mess during the heat periods, usually female dogs have a bloody discharge which can stain anything, from her coat to the carpet and beds, sofas etc.
  • Spaying your female dog would definitely save you from embarrassment, during heat periods your dog might lick her genitals frequently and its never a good sight to watch.
  • Spaying a female dog would stop her from shamelessly getting in contact with non neutered males. (In another post I have also discussed the Pros & Cons of Neutering your male dog, do check it out)
  • Spaying your female dog would help you follow your plans. Most of the times you have to reschedule your plans just because your female dog is in the heat and hard to control. No one would appreciate blood stains in their house as you visit some friend or relative.
  • Spaying your female dog prevents false pregnancies. In some cases, a couple of weeks after the heat period some of the female dogs act as they are going to have pups. Their body would swell and their nipples would start making milk. In such cases female dogs often get over attached to stuffed toys and its a really harmful thing. Moreover, it can disturb the hormonal balance and result in mastitis,  a mammary gland infection.
  • Spaying your female dog would also prevent from real pregnancies. Whether your dog becomes pregnant accidently or deliberately, chances are that she might die trying to give birth. Moreover, she becomes open and exposed to the risks of pregnancy.
  • Spaying a female dog means lesser licensing fees.
  • Spaying your female dog prevents her from ovary and uterus cancer. Moreover, it can become a shield against breast cancer too.

If you decide to spay your female dog, always consult a vet before you make your mind to perform the procedures, it has some risks too. In the next post I will discuss the Disadvantages of Spaying Your Female Dog. Happy Parenting !



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