7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In Pain

7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In Pain

7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In Pain

When people are in pain, they express it and sometimes it is visible from their face and activities. They would complain about ache and discomfort. They would limp because its quite hard to put pressure on that bruised leg. These are just a few of the things that we, as humans, come across when we are in pain. Similarly, things happen to dogs too. 7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In PainUnfortunately, they can’t just express it clearly. You may understand that your dog has an issue with its leg if he is limping, but the things are never so clear unless you know what signs mean possible injuries. So, I have compiled a “7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In Pain” to make things easy.

7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In Pain

Below are the seven most common signs that indicate your dog is in pain.

Excessive Use Of Voice

7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In PainDogs are tough animals but they tend to become vocal when they are in pain. Dogs become more vocal especially when the pain is paired with some physical action. Though these pain spots are not easy to spot, you need to look closely and clearly. Dogs usually express their pain by

  • Whining
  • Barking
  • Whimpering
  • Yelping
  • Growling
  • Snarling
  • Howling

Altered and Upset Breathing

If your dog is panting or breathing heavily even without doing exercise, you need to examine his body and his actions. Because there is definitely something wrong with him. Check of his breathing is shallow or fast, there is something that is creating an issue.

Squinting – Eye Pain

Dogs that have eye pain repeatedly squint. Moreover, you should also see whether his pupils are normal or small in size. If your dog has pain in any other body part, pupils will get bigger.

Difficulty In Resting

7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In PainIf your dog is having a hard time laying or sitting down then there is definitely something that aching. If your dog is lying in an unusual position, this is another indication. I once had a similar experience, my Fido was in pain and he tried to sit down and lay down on the floor but suddenly stood back up. He did for one more time and I went straight to him and checked him, he had a wound in his hind leg that was forcing him to stand up again.

7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In Pain


7 Signs That Show Your Dog Is In PainEver heard the phrase “A wounded Lion is more dangerous” ? Same is the case with dogs. When animals are injured or wounded, most of them will try to protect them and stay away from others as they are quite worried that they might get hurt again, and they might show rage and aggression to keep others away. Chances are that your dog might start growling and using its mouth if you anything that would worry him.

Seeking Attention

I have seen it with own eyes that dogs would try to seek your attention when they are in pain or they aren’t feeling well. If your dogs whines in a low pitch, then he may be seeking your attention.

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Change in Daily Activities

Many dogs prefer to sleep when they are in pain, same as humans often do. As it is hard to heal the pain while they are up. While the pain days, your dog may skip some meals and loss of diet is quite common.



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