10 Best Ways To Stop Puppy From Biting Hands

stop puppy from biting hands

10 Best Ways To Stop Puppy From Biting Hands

How do i stop my puppy from biting my hands? A dog wouldn’t be counted as a dog if it doesn’t bites hands or  fingers and dogs start it from a very early age. Biting is indeed a very integral part of canine development. Dogs especially puppies are generally very playful in nature and they like to investigate things very often. All they know is to chew or bite the objects with their needle sharp teeth. In early age puppies spend most of the time playing with people and stuff, they like to chew or bite on people’s hand, clothes and limbs.

stop puppy from biting hands

!!! Stop puppy biting hands !!!

This is a very normal behavior but if puppies are allowed to bite at their will then they wouldn’t stop doing it. You wouldn’t  mind your puppy biting nearly everything when it is 7 or 8 weeks old, but it wouldn’t be cute anymore when he surpasses the age of 3 or 4 months. This might develop into a serious behavioral issue and needs to be addressed at the right time from the very start. Training your puppy to stop puppy from biting hands from the early age would help you avoid serious and deep bite injuries other than behavior issues. Continue below to check the 10 ways to stop puppy from biting

Understand Puppy Behavior

Puppies are not aware how hard they bite until and unless they play with other puppies and dogs. While playing with other dogs they often playfully mouth other puppies and if they bite hard then the other dog/puppy would make a high pitched yelp. Upon receiving the bite, the other pet would most likely stop playing or show a sign of displeasure and this is how your pet would know that he did something wrong and next time he would try to be gentle with his mouthing.

Teaching Bite Inhibition

Puppies get social with others rapidly, and they mouth often while playing. But, this mouthing can become a proper bite and when a puppy is on the receiving end of a bite they yelp. Luckily you can teach your puppy to use a soft mouth. When a puppy latches on your finger or hand too hard, try not to push your hand away, rather try to make a yelping sound. Puppies have strong chase instincts and if you pull your hand away while it bites, this will only worsen the issue.

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Biting My Hand?

Usually yelping works, but if it goes unnoticed by your pooch then try to use any verbal deterrent. Puppies are not always eager to listen to your commands, so if you think your reactions have gone unnoticed more than 3 times then it is time for a break in play. Your only goal is to let your puppy know that rough play would not be tolerated and stopped immediately, while a gentle and subtle touch would be welcomed. Continue this training methodology and eventually your puppy would learn the lesson “not to bite hard”.

Puppy Proofing

Puppy Prooging also help you is also a good way to stop puppy from biting hands. Puppy like to bite and chew things straight out of curiosity, usually they don’t mean any harm but their actions can hurt you or even themselves. A very safe practice to stop your puppy from biting is to Puppy Proof your house. Make sure you remove all the stuff that your puppy would be interested in, place all the chemicals and toxic stuff in drawers or any place that is out of your pooch’s reach. Make sure all of the electrical wires and chords are well insulated and covered, you wouldn’t want your puppy to be chewing a live wire and get electrocuted.

How do i stop my puppy from biting my fingers?

Precautionary measures are mandatory, apart from keeping your puppy safe it would also result in less things available for your pet to bite. Automatically your puppy’s biting rate would decrease as he won’t have anything to chew or bite. To add more protection and prevention, remove children toys and anything that would make your puppy curious. Consider crate training or blocking the access to rooms that are not puppy proofed.

Use Taste Deterrents

One way to stop your puppy from frequently biting your hands is the use of taste deterrent on your hands. Before you start playing with your fluff, spray any taste deterrent on those areas where your puppy would possibly bite. If your puppy likes to bite your clothes, then consider spraying your clothes too. While playing when he bites, don’t react negatively. Just let the puppy feel the smell of the taste deterrent.

Praise your puppy when it reacts to deterrent the way you want him to react. The best options for taste deterrent are tea tree oil, white vinegar and bitter apple. Continue to spray your hands and clothes for at least two weeks. By then your pooch will develop a strong distaste for the deterrent.


Stop If Your Puppy Plays Rough

If your feel that your puppy is playing rough then immediately stop the play, not even giving him a chance to bite. Don’t start playing with him immediately after the break, make him learn his lesson. Remember not to be harsh with your pet, if you’ll physically punish your pet it would result in aggression.

Avoid Play Biting

If your puppy is frequently biting and mouthing your hand or feet then consider keeping his favorite toy in your pocket. As soon as it starts biting you, raise your hand up and show him the toy. Praise your puppy when it chews the toy, show some anger if it ignores.

Regular Exercise

Puppies like to use their mouth the most. It is advisable to take your puppy out for a walk and exercise until it gets tired. Regular walks and exercises would keep him busy in other healthy activities. A tired puppy is most probably a well behaved pet.

Encourage Puppy Socialization

Like your brotherhood, puppies also have their very own puppyhood. Encourage your puppy to play and spend some quality time with other friendly and vaccinated puppies and dogs. Make sure you socialize your puppy with well trained and behaving dogs, it will help him understand how to be gentle while playing.

Lower Your Tolerance For Hard Bites

You should make yourself heard when your puppy bites hard. Slowly decrease your tolerance levels for harder bites and your puppy might eventually start offering a gentle and softer version of bites. You need to communicate your displeasure when he bites hard. Discourage your pet when it bites harder. Praise him when he listens to you.

Encourage Non Contact Forms Of Play

One way to stop your puppy from biting is to play those games that don’t have any contact between you and the puppy. Tug of war and fetch play are some of these games that could benefit you and your dog. Rather than wrestling your pet with hands and other games that involve rough play, go for the ones that allow you to avoid contact with your puppy.

Please let us know which method worked for you, or let us know which training method you use to stop your puppy from biting. Sound off in the comments section below. Happy Parenting !



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